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  • Thinking of buying a safe? Ask yourself what are you intending to store in the safe, could you store other things in the safe, documents, valuables, data. money. Each safe is built primarily for a specific need, some are fireproof, some are not! If you're holding cash then the insurance company may specify a particular safe rating to minimise loss to you and them.

    As experienced professionals in security we can offer advice, and help with the selection of the right product for your need, We can install and commission the new safe, setting up passwords that you can remember, but also that are very secure, so that in the event of someone breaking in to steal they would have a hard time. 

    Safes and Cabinets Fletcher Locksmiths can supply: -

    • Floor Safes
    • Key Safes
    • Fireproof Safes
    • Hidden Wall Safes
    • Key Safe Boxes
    • Safety Deposit Boxes
    • Key and Gun Cabinets

    Safe Locked and Can't Get In?

    Are you trying to open a locked safe? maybe you’ve lost the keys to your safe and you can’t unlock it, then call your local safe professional Fletcher Locksmiths to help open your safe. Need an extra key cut?  The nature of safe keys means they need to be cut by a professional locksmith.

    All safes use one of three locking systems: -

    • Combination lock safe
    • Digital Keypad safe
    • Traditional key operated safe

    Damaged Safe Repairs

    If your safe has been damaged through a fire, theft or a natural disaster like a flood, as a fully vetted and DBS checked MLA meber locksmith we are able to help you get your safe repaired properly.

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