• Use Tips to Keep Your Home Secure


    Don't leave door keys in visible or obvious places such as under the doormat or within 'fishing' distance of your letterbox.

    Lock all your doors and windows when you go out.

    Don't leave ladders lying around.

    Keep your sheds and outbuildings locked; burglars will use YOUR tools to gain access to YOUR house.

    Cable down and secure your lawnmowers, bicycles and gas barbecues, even inside your shed or garage, and your home PCs and laptops.

    Close your curtains and leave a light on in the lounge and bedroom if you are going out for the evening; a simple timer can be fitted to internal lights.

    Always activate your intruder alarm before you go out – many insurance companies will refuse to pay out if you are burgled and you did not activate an alarm.

    Don't leave curtains and blinds drawn during the day – they will attract burglars.

    Cancel your milk and paper deliveries if you are going on holiday and ask a neighbour to remove any post or newspapers left showing in your letterbox.

    Mow your lawn before you go on holiday!

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